About Us

Passionate about sharing solar solutions

United Solar Energy Supporters (USES) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization based in New York State, and our main goal is to be a resource for anyone who wants to learn more about solar projects. We work to fill the gap in solar education and comprehension from the municipal side, general public, neighbors, landowners, and everyone in between,  USES is careful to not advocate for specific projects,  or lobby for legislation; we are a non-political, clearing house of information for all.
USES hosts Webinars every 1-2 months and recordings can be found at usesusa.org/education-webinars. We put solar facts in  newspapers around the state, are working on a three part 60-second solar series, have built a “Municipal Toolbox” and have a trademarked Grassroots Model for grassroots organizers and developers. Together, these resources form a great kit for anyone engaging in solar!

Friends of USES (FUSES) is our monthly “grassroots gathering,” where we convene landowners, developers, solar supporters, grassroots organizers, and students for a workshop. These workshops include a presentation based off the USES Grassroots Model, paired with open discussion to support and grow success for grassroots groups in New York.

Our resources and gatherings stand to reflect our overarching goal of increasing opportunities for local communities through an increased understanding of solar energy. We invite you to be a part of the conversation!


United Solar Energy Supporters began at the nexus of the solar revolution in New York State. Shortly after the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act passed, some communities maintained residents that were hesitant to the change that was needed to address the goals set forth in this historic legislation. USES formed from a group of positive, motivated and dedicated landowners from a proposed solar project that were facing such a challenge. Using the Trieste Model (now the USES Grassroots Model), the group gathered, shared ideas and grew the USES network. From there, the group set out providing comprehensive and timely webinars on the changing landscape of solar in New York State. Having received great feedback and momentum from these webinars and initial conversation, USES blossomed into the fully functioning, multi-platform educational clearinghouse that it is today.