United Solar Energy Supporters (USES) is a grassroots community of advocates who support harvesting sunshine for emissions-free electricity.

United Solar Energy Supporters(USES) is a highly regarded non-profit organization established in 2020 to educate the public about solar energy technology.   

USES provides timely support for community members and municipalities directly impacted by solar projects. USES is run by volunteers, and a paid Executive Director, working together to provide education about solar energy technology, from subject matter experts.  

We provide community education utilizing social media platforms, directed outreach, and timely educational webinars addressing most common questions and concerns about solar energy projects.

By becoming a member of USES you will not only ensure our continued educational efforts, but will help grow public awareness and education about the value of solar energy in an effective way

Here’s what people are saying about USES

Chris Carrick

Chris Carrick
Energy Program Manager
Central New York Regional Planning & Development Board

“USES plays an invaluable role in educating local government officials and communities about the benefits of solar energy development throughout the state. By assembling experts from both industry and government, USES provides reliable technical knowledge in a way that decision­makers and community members can trust, understand, and most importantly use to protect their quality of life while helping to shift New York to a clean energy economy that benefits everyone.”

Anne Reynolds
Executive Director, ACE NY

“United Solar Energy Supporters is a group of upstate New Yorkers that came together to learn the facts about solar power, and provide reliable, unbiased information to their neighbors.  They have grown into a trusted source of information about solar energy and solar projects for communities all across New York State, providing good advice about how to bring your community together and combat misinformation.”

Ron Kamen

Ron Kamen
Founder CEO, Earth Kind Consulting

“USES is a fantastic non-profit organization who is educating the public, landowners, municipal leaders – and everyone – to the many benefits of solar and the opportunities to reduce energy costs, provide family farmers with another “cash crop,” create new jobs and a vibrant economy, and have a positive impact on climate change.”

Jacob Deyo, Board Member

Jacob Deyo
Hunt EAS

“I found the educational work done by USES to inform Communities, Engineers, and Builders to be essential knowledge, leading to a better insight and ultimately better renewable energy projects right here in upstate NY.”

Sara Schultz
Sierra Club
Niagara Chair Group

“USES brings together different stakeholders and volunteers to help us work together to promote clean, safe and reliable solar energy. The people involved are passionate and generous with their wealth of knowledge and experience! It has been a great experience to watch us grow and be so effective in our communities!”

Anna Purpera
Clinical Director
Autism Learning Partners

“When I first joined USES, I was trying out being part of multiple environmental groups. I decided to focus most of my energy on USES because they allowed me to play a very active role, like planning and leading our monthly grassroots gathering meetings or creating resources. When I started, I was very new to the solar industry, I have learned so much from USES members.”