Friends of USES (FUSES)

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

― Margaret Mead

FUSES is our monthly “grassroots gathering,” where we convene landowners, developers, solar supporters, grassroots organizers, and students for a workshop. These workshops often include a presentation based off the USES Grassroots Model, paired with open discussion to support and grow success for grassroots groups! Our resources and gatherings stand to reflect our overarching goal of increasing opportunities for local communities through an increased understanding of solar energy. We invite you to be a part of the conversation!

  • How to grow a grassroots group with the USES Grassroots Model by Trieste
  • How a small town can take full advantage of solar initiatives
  • Grassroots Group Formation & Branding
  • How to Earn Positive Media
  • Debunking Misinformation
  • Responsible Solar Development

USES Grassroots Model by Trieste™

Overview: Why Community Outreach Is Important

The Grassroots Model by Trieste™ provides a dual approach to community outreach, and both components (one for the developer and one for the Grassroots Organizer) are outlined in this manual. When the two groups have followed this model together, public support for renewable energy projects has improved and helped move projects from the planning stage through to implementation. This first section describes the importance of community outreach; how public support can benefit developers, landowners, and advocates of solar; and presents the community support groups that have successfully used this process in the state of New York. It is important to note that the two models described in this manual go hand-in-hand and are best implemented in conjunction with each other.

Pro Renewable Energy Support Groups using the Trieste Model
Pro Renewable Energy Support Groups using the Trieste Model
Included in the Model

For the Developer

  • The Project Developer
  • Plan Public Outreach Components
  • How to Earn Positive Media and Control Your Message

For the Organizer

  • Grassroots Organizing at a Glance 1
  • Third Party Representation: How to Form a Local Volunteer Group
  • The Project Organizer Plan
  • How to Organize a Public Education Forum
  • How to Help Volunteers Earn Positive Media

For the User

  • How to Plan a Productive Landowner Dinner
  • Public Open House
  • Solar Farm Tours
  • Production of Site-Specific Materials


  • Public Forum 
  •  Media Outreach 
  •  Advertisements 
  •  Newsletters 
  •  Grassroots organizing 
  •  Public Outreach Mailers 

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