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United Solar Energy Supporters Statement of Support

Solar power will strengthen our local economy and our schools. Solar energy projects will provide millions in tax revenue over 20 years. Our local businesses will also benefit from the additive spending the solar project will bring during construction.

The US needs clean jobs. Renewable energy generation means clean energy jobs without the environmental and health risks associated with fossil fuels. Solar energy will provide dozens of landscaping, farming, and maintenance jobs for our residents.

Solar power is good for the environment. In contrast to other forms of electrical generation, solar facilities create energy without harming our air and water. The facilities create acreage that helps support biodiversity by planting native grasses & flowers; creating a sanctuary for birds, insects and wildlife that thrive on pesticide-free spaces.

Solar power doesn’t require imported fuels. Once constructed, a solar facility requires no fuel. This reduces our dependence on imported oil and gas, much of which comes from unstable areas of the world. In times of rising and volatile fuel prices, USA power production can hedge price fluctuations, increasing energy diversity and security.

Solar power is compatible with other land uses, including farming, and provides a stable form of income for local landowners. And we respect farmer’s rights to use their land to provide energy for the US

For all of these reasons, the undersigned support properly sited solar power as an important component of the country’s clean energy future and economy.

The undersigned strongly support the use of solar power as a way to bring clean energy and economic security to our local economy.

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