Friends of USES: Responsible Solar Development

Check out the March ’22 Friends of USES Grassroots Gathering: “Responsible Solar Development” How to be sure you’re supporting a development that truly supports your community!

Agenda: -Developer outreach tools from USES Grassroots Model -Recommendations from a Code Enforcement Officer -Photo examples of responsible development -Environmental and Community criteria to consider for a “responsible development” -Discussion! Friends of USES (FUSES) is our monthly “grassroots gathering,” where we convene landowners, developers, solar supporters, grassroots organizers, and students for a workshop. These workshops often include a presentation based off the USES Grassroots Model, paired with open discussion to support and grow success for grassroots groups! Our resources and gatherings stand to reflect our overarching goal of increasing opportunities for local communities through an increased understanding of solar energy. Friends of USES (FUSES) meetings are a members-only event, if you’re interested in participating, please become a member and you will receive more information and a registration link to join! FUSES meetings are NOT typically recorded and shared, this session is an exception.