How the Electric Grid Works: Building Energy Independence and Resilience with Solar

This webinar will explore how the electric grid works to help demystify solar interconnection methods and myths. We will begin with an introduction to a general electric utility delivery framework (electrical generation, transmission and distribution) and how various types of solar projects (Front-of-the-Meter, Behind-the-Meter, etc.) interact with utility infrastructure. We will further address common technical myths and criticisms encountered when developing solar projects, including the following:
– Solar energy destabilizes the electric grid and contributes to outages,
– Solar is not feasible in snowy climates like upstate NY,
– Electro-magnetic interference (EMI) created at solar sites interferes with communications and transportation technology, like radar,

We’ll conclude with a discussion of the current policy climate, introducing various incentive programs in the context of creating a more robust, independent, and resilient electric grid for all.

Linden Speranza, Technical Service Coordinator, LaBella Associates
Stuart Bailey, Senior Electrical Engineer, Project Manager, LaBella Associates


Ron Kamen, Founder & CEO, EarthKind Energy Consulting

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