Large Scale Agrivoltaics; Solar Grazing on Utility-Scale Solar Facilities in Western NY Part 2: Beekeeping and Pollinators

In 2019, NYSERDA awarded a contract to EDF Renewables for the construction of its proposed Morris Ridge Solar Energy Center project, engineered to generate 177 megawatts of solar electricity. The Morris Ridge project consists of six pods of ground-mounted solar arrays on approximately 1000 acres of leased, private land in the Town of Mount Morris in Livingston County, NY. EDF Renewables plans to incorporate provisions for the co-location of agricultural activities within the Morris Ridge Solar Energy sites. This includes managed sheep grazing to control vegetation under and around the solar panels and beekeeping—as well as honey production—sustained by pollinator-friendly plant life. The Town of Mount Morris commissioned a research study to answer questions about the nascent solar-agricultural industry, assess opportunities to attract farmers to the EDF Renewables Morris Ridge Solar Energy Center, and identify viable markets for solar-raised products. Hosted by United Solar Energy Supporters.

Mary Kate MacKenzie, Sweet Grass Food & Farm Consulting
Nicole Manapol, Lead Strategist, Letchworth Gateway Villages
Dave DiSalvo, Deputy Supervisor, Town of Mount Morris
Facilitator: Dustin Vanasse, Founder/CEO, Bare Honey LLC

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