– 5 reasons New Yorkers should embrace a solar energy future

by Richard Perez

Richard Perez, Ph.D., leads solar energy research at SUNY Albany’s Atmospheric Sciences Research Center. He has served multiple terms on the board of the American Solar Energy Society and as associate editor of Solar Energy Journal. Perez serves on the board of United Solar Energy Supporters, a statewide nonprofit group providing education and information to the public about solar energy.

This essay aims to clarify common misunderstandings about solar energy and demonstrate its potential to provide an abundant, reliable, affordable and environmentally friendly energy future for New York.

Abundance: The sun is a vast energy resource that powers our planet’s weather and sustains life. In just a few hours, Earth receives more solar energy than the total annual energy consumption of all economies, combined. In a week, it receives more solar energy than the combined reserves of coal, oil, natural gas and uranium.