The Solar Energy Series – Episode 13: Special Use Permits, County Planning Board Zoning Referral Process, and Operations & Maintenance Plans Training

Community solar projects have numerous novel features, compared to other types of development. During this session, Lance Brabant, Director of Planning & Environmental Services and Shaun Logue, Senior Planning Associate with MRB Group will present what to look for in a complete Special Use Permit and Site Plan application package and explore ways for local boards to ensure that information about important resources and other local priorities are considered during the review. Heather Ferrero, Deputy Director, and Mary Underhill, Planner, with the Livingston County Planning Department will provide an overview of the County Planning Board zoning referral process for solar applications.

This session will specifically focus on how community solar projects are permitted through the special use permit process, with in-depth case studies based on their workings with various communities. The session seeks to provide attendees with the tools to appropriately complete a Special Use Permit Application review at the local and county level.

Lance Brabant – MRB Group, Director of Planning & Environmental Services
Shaun R. Logue – MRB Group, Senior Planning Associate
Mary Underhill – Livingston County Planning Department, Planner
Heather Ferrero – Livingston County Planning Department, Deputy Planning Director